Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hello? We've Been Disconnected.

This is what happens often in our world of cell phones – we are having a great conversation whether walking, riding, or sitting still and then suddenly there’s nothing.  We no longer “feel” the openness of the phone line and say “hello” several times.  Sometimes we’ve just passed through a blank spot in the air waves, and the reception will quickly return, other times the battery may run out, and sometimes we inadvertently press the cut off button with our cheek or chin.  And In many cases we just run out of phone units and have to recharge by purchasing more time.

The beauty of it is you know where the person is and they know where you are.  Maybe you’re even traveling towards one another for a rendezvous.  Neither of you are “lost” even though the connection has been temporarily lost through technical difficulties.  This reminds me of another moment in human history where the connection was lost:  The Garden of Eden.

God and Adam were one, and even when Eve was brought forth, they still were all spiritually and intimately connected.  God knew everything about them, their thoughts and imaginations, their whereabouts in the garden at all times.  Because the Bible doesn’t give us more details of their time in the Garden it appears to us that they disobeyed God only a few hours or days after Eve was created.  But we do know that before they sinned God was not controlled or limited by time, even though He created the 24 hour period we call “night and day”.

Adam had lived in and with God alone longer than he did with Eve, so it stands to reason that he had to have had some quality time with her, his wife, enough so that when she disobeyed God and offered him the forbidden fruit, he was compelled to obey her over His Creator and Father.  He and she had such a pure and strong intimate connection, they were knit together and could see and touch and experience one another in such a way that they never could or would or did with God, that they were magnetized, and he could not see being apart from her.

So when they ate of the fruit, the line between them and God went dead.  They were disconnected.  Not lost in the sense that they could not be physically located, for God always knew where they were, but there was now death between them and God.  The line of life was severed and God said “Adam, where are you?”  This is the equivalent of our “hello, heeeelllllooooo?” when we can no longer hear the other person on the other side.  You can even “feel” within the phone the disconnectedness even if there is no click or fuzzy feedback noise.

This problem of communication is prevalent throughout the earth in every type of relationship.  We seem to meet people and hit it off well after we find that “common ground”, but then something happens along the way – words spoken or unspoken, deeds done or not performed, strange facial expressions and unexplained actions may at times cause the line to go dead.  Or we hit a blank spot and we don’t know why or how to respond, or how long we should wait before cutting off the phone ourselves since we don’t know how long it will last.  We don’t know that the other person’s phone battery died, or they dropped their phone, or it was stolen, or they forgot to turn it on at all that day, etc.  So many reasons as to why the line of communication has been interrupted, but what (and Who) is inside us will determine how we will respond or react to the dead line.  I’m learning, and some days are better than others however, that if I will give others the same reasons and excuses that I give to myself, before jumping to conclusions, new problems will not be created. 

The Bible says that “no temptation has taken us except what is common to man.”  In the context of this article I’m receiving from the Lord that everyone who has a cell phone is subject to the same challenges, rules, and regulations of having and using a cell phone.  If it has happened to you, whatever “it” is, it has also happened to others, but we all can learn from each others’ experiences and of course, the “powers that be” and even everyday normal people will come up with another solution to meet the need of everyone experiencing the same things.  Whew!!

How do you respond and react to “dead lines” of communication?  How do I respond or react to interruptions in communication or delayed responses?  How did God respond?  In Genesis we see that God searched for Adam and when He “found” him, and confronted what he had done, even though He had to evict him and his wife from the garden, He continued manifesting in the earth His plan to restore the lines of intimate communion with humans.  There are several scripture verses I can safely lift out of their contexts and not lose their meanings to reveal how God feels about restoring the lines of communication and intimacy between us and Himself, and in our human relationships too. 

One of the first ones is found in Matthew’s gospel 5:23 & 24.  Jesus teaches “So if you are offering your gift at the altar and you there remember that your brother has any [grievance] against you, leave your gift at the altar and go.  First make peace with your brother, and then come back and present your gift.” [Amplified Bible]  This is in cases where you know the other person is holding something against you.  Sometimes communication stops because people get busy and fall out of touch.  When this happens, the level of intimacy of those relationships (depending on the type of relationship, and also the reasons) may decline in intensity.  For instance, if a man or woman you are dating becomes interested in someone else, he or she may distance himself/herself from you in order to sever the line with you.  Unless he or she comes right out and tells you that this is the case, you could be left feeling the ever increasing coldness between you and assume you’ve done something wrong.

God however doesn’t desire to move away from us.  He longs after us.  His heart and soul desires us in every way.  He is not content with blank spots in the air waves, temporary cut-offs, and delayed responses.  He shows us in His Word how to keep the line connected and open with Him unto ever increasing levels of intimacy with Him.  But we have to go into another garden to get our new “mobile phone” and calling plan. J  We must meet Him in Gethsemane and walk with Him to Calvary (which one gospel writer records to be a garden also) where we surrender our will back to God “Garden of Eden” style, and then we are crucified with Christ so we can be resurrected with, and in Him.

 In Gethsemane Peter and Judas (and all the disciples) got disconnected from the Lord.  The difference between Peter and Judas is that Judas gave up trying and not only hung up the phone, but cut off his service.  Peter on the other hand kept his phone with him just in case. . .  “It might ring again.  He might call me again and I can apologize; He might give me another chance, for after all, He knew me better than I knew myself, and He even warned me in advance of what I was going to do.  I just over estimated the strength of my commitment to Him.  I won’t discard my ‘phone’ neither cancel my phone plan.  Just leave it open, for anything is possible.”  Then one day women came telling him “The Lord is alive!! And He asked for you specifically Peter!  He said to meet Him in Galilee.”

“Wow!!  He rang my phone again.  The lines are open again.  We can communicate, talk, clear the air, start over again, get to know each other better, respect.”  Hmmm.  “Hello”?