Tuesday, 18 January 2011


A few months ago our street was changed from a two-way street to a one way street. So now traffic can only enter one way and travel in one direction. Well in the beginning I know it caused some confusion for drivers, with and without gps systems, but for we who live on this street, the parked cars sure look neater than before. Everyone must now park in one direction on both sides of the street rather than in all directions. As I thought about this several other scenarios came to mind.

When friends come to visit me from all over and from wherever, they must inevitably take a certain train that arrives at my town. And then one of two buses, or walk from the station, comme tu veut, to my place or near to my place. Yet, even though there may be several modes of transportation necessary to get here, there is still only ONE WAY. This particular train may be caught from different towns and at most hours during the day from 5:30am-1am the next morning, yet to get to my town and place, one must take the train that plans to stop at my town. To take any other train that’s not coming here, will not get you here; Or another bus that doesn’t come here, or a street that doesn’t come here. You get my drift right?

In many instances in life, there are several ways to accomplish certain things. You’re probably familiar with the cliché “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Well I know cat lovers may not like that, but anyhoooo. LOL!! I think it describes perfectly what I’m trying to say. And it is important to know when and where these options exist and to learn which one is appropriate and needed to bring about the desired results. We may use other terms like “being flexible”, “living or thinking outside a box or THE box” (which box would that be?), “spending both sides of the dollar.” LOLOL!! I like that one truly. And another one is “nothing is written in stone”.

However, there are some things in life around which we cannot get around, where there is only ONE WAY to go and ONE WAY to do it, whatever “it” may be. Take breathing for example. We may have two lungs, and we may be able to breathe through our mouth or our nose, but there’s still only one way for oxygen to enter our body, and that’s through the air pipe, one air pipe that is. I know that’s not the scientific name for it, but sometimes I just want to talk like a normal person. J Also for food and water to enter the body, there’s only ONE WAY (under normal circumstances) and that’s through the mouth and down through the esophagus and etc. We dare not try to force food through the other orifices like our ears or eyes or nose. Just not the right or best or possible way. Pas une bonne idée. You get my second drift out to sea too don’t ya? J

Now I know Someone Who said many things that people love to say and quote, and believe, and they love to call Him a good man, and even a Prophet. But He also said some things that people disagreed with and still disagree with, and over which they love to have controversial confrontations because they want to remain where they are. Ce n’est pas grave. Restez la ou vous êtes s’il vous plait. Mais je choisis à croire dans cet homme. Oh I’m sorry. I’ve been practicing my French and sometimes I go back and forth. I choose to believe this Man called Jesus Who said so many things that raised eyebrows and the hairs on peoples’ arms and temperatures and voices and tempers and. . .

One of the things He said that causes people problems even today is this, “I AM the Way, and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father but by [through] ME.” John 14:6 {Amplified Bible}. Now the nerve of Him some will say, but hey, He’s the Son of God. Uh oh. There’s another one that gets people angry and divided, but you and I know that we cannot make everybody and keep everybody happy 100% of the time. Jesus worked and still works many miracles, but that’s just not one He’s been able to accomplish, at least not on this planet.

I do believe that many roads lead to Jesus, and what do I mean by that? As many people as there are on this earth, that’s as many potentially different experiences that may cause someone to encounter Jesus the Christ and fall in love with Him as Savior. As many hours as there is on the clock, that’s how many potential times per day in different time zones that people may run into Jesus shining through one of His disciples. As many days as there are on the calendar, and which calendar may we be talking about, (all of them. LOL!!) that’s how many potential days any one on any side of the globe, whether looking at a full moon or half-a-sun, that someone may roll into Jesus Christ at a bowling alley. However, or whenever or wherever you may meet Jesus isn’t the issue that causes controversy. What causes controversy is after you meet Jesus, He tells you that He’s the ONLY WAY, the ONE WAY whereby you can meet God, HIS Father.

Well, what you and I choose to do with this information determines how we will live our lives here on earth. We can choose to ignore it and continue our own merry way, just to find out that Robin Hood and his merry men took another route. Or, we can receive it, accept it, believe it and trust what Christ says about Himself and take the exciting and unknown path He has for us, and I do believe we will find many merry people traveling that road. No it’s not easy being a disciple of Jesus the Christ, but frankly Scarlet, neither is it easy not being connected to God through His Son Jesus the Christ. But the difference is with Jesus, we do have a compass for our lives, or better yet we have Someone on our ship Who not only has a compass, but Who IS our compass. He knows where we need to go, what time we need to leave, and how we need to get there. (Even though I know this with my heart and mind, I still sometimes have antsy moments with the WHEN part. :->) He’s not afraid of the storms we will encounter along the way (Luke 8:22-26), neither is He moved when we miss a meal for He already knows what He’s going to do (John 6:5-14 especially verse 6). I just love this passage of scripture for it lets me know that Jesus always plans to meet our needs. He allows our tests and trials to reveal to us where our faith and trust are, and to draw us closer unto Himself.

Well, that’s really all I have to say about that. I’ve learned and I’m continuing to learn that not only is Jesus the ONLY WAY, but out of all the ways I’ve tried, and have witnessed others trying to do what they want to do, and go where they want to go, Jesus is the BEST WAY. He is the life and in Him is the light that illuminates our way, for in Him there is no darkness at all.

Happy New Year everyone.