Friday, 11 January 2013

Lover, Lord and King

Jesus is my Lover, the Lover of My soul.  The One Who loves Me best and loves me most.  He is the standard of a lover for Me.

Jesus is my Lord – the Governor of My life and soul.  He puts everything in order like an agent, manager, accountant, secretary – He pays attention to the details of My everyday life – internally and externally.

Jesus is my King – the One Who rules over Me.  “His banner over me is love” and my enemies see this banner and know under Whose regime I live.  Not only am I subjected (a subject) and submitted (a servant) to and unto Him, I am protected by Him and His soldiers – the prayers of my brothers and sisters in Christ, and the ministering spirits called “angels”.

His Word and His Spirit also stand guard over Me, and from within me, surrounding Me as with a shield.  I am married to this King and I desire to more and more learn what it is like to live under His Lordship, and to be engulfed by Him as My Lover.

I am Hephzibah.  (Isaiah 62:4-6)